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Contact Geoff Presley via the official contact form

Please do not explode with excitement as I tell you that this is in fact the official Geoff Presley contact form. By simply leaving a comment with your email address and full name, you will be able to send a message to Geoff’s private email address and speak with him directly.

You might have previously had a negative experience with contacting someone, waiting ages, and never receiving a reply, but you won’t find the same problem with the official Geoff Presley contact form. Not only does Geoff enjoy the company in general, but he also appreciates the effort made by anyone that chooses to speak to him, so he will definitely reply to you as soon as possible.

Why would I want to talk to Geoff Presley?

This is an extremely valid question, and it’s actually one that Geoff’s family ask themselves every single day. There are a number of reasons why you might decide to talk to Geoff Presley. might look like an act of complete self indulgence – and it partly is – but it’s also supposed to be a collaboration between the reader and Geoff himself, leaving room for both parties to work together.

A major selling point from Unbearable Geoff is the variety of content. It’s often the case that Geoff will choose to write about something based on a feeling of passion, aggression or a more deep and meaningful emotion towards it, but people who have visited Unbearable Geoff also hold the option of suggesting what they’d like to see.

Believe it or not, some of the content already on the Unbearable Geoff website came from fan requests. This could be a film or TV show to review, somewhere Geoff was asked to go in order to write a holiday review on it, or a person or place that Geoff was asked to contact for a piece situated within the letters and emails section.

How can I contact Geoff?

If you’ve just completely ignored what was written above, it’s worth reiterating that you can easily get in touch with Geoff using the contact form on this page. However, there are other ways to speak to the man himself without tracking him down and surprising him in person.

Geoff Presley makes communication an easy task by being readily available in a number of ways. If you’d rather email him yourself out of fear of our contact form being untrustworthy or simply being a complete know-it-all, you can do that by writing to

He’s also an avid fan of Twitter, so you can tweet to him or direct message him at @UnbearableGeoff. No list of social media platforms would be complete without mention of Facebook. Yes, Unbearable Geoff has a special Facebook page for this very occasion, and it will come as no shock to learn that is unsurprisingly called Unbearable Geoff.