About Geoff

For those thinking to themselves “what is Unbearable Geoff?”, “who is Geoff Presley?” and “what is the point of this website?”, we guarantee to answer at least two out of three of those questions on this informative page.

By reading through this page, you’ll be able to learn about the early days of Geoff Presley’s work, how it developed through the years, how this website came to be, and you might even think of a good reason to get involved with Unbearable Geoff yourself.

So, strap in, hold on to your chair, clench your bowels tightly, cancel all future plans, shave all of your hair off, tell everyone you’re busy for a good forty minutes, legally change your name to Michael, and take a trip down memory lane through memories you were previously unaware of on the coveted Unbearable Geoff About Geoff page.

Becoming unbearable: The Geoff Presley story

Back in April 2014, Geoff Presley returned to his home following an admittedly grim experience at the Holiday Inn down the road. He was staying there for a business trip despite being situated a matter of minutes away, meaning that the trip itself was almost certainly closer to home than the office he visits at least five days a week.

Rather than suffering in silence on the matter, Geoff uploaded his account to famous holiday review site Trip Adivsor, with the ludicrous nature of the story prompting a mix of positive, negative and downright confused responses from the many readers.

It was never the original intention of the Trip Advisor post, but it became the first of many interesting stories to be told by Geoff, and it led him to making his own website, where he’d eventually be able to provide his own blog posts, reviews, lists, and anything else that could possible come into his deranged little brain.

A background for insightful holiday reviews

Through his continued work on Trip Advisor and frequent interactions on Twitter, Geoff has been able to keep busy since posting his first holiday review in 2014, but as the collection of accounts has gradually grown – and as more friends and family members have asked to see an archive of all past reviews – it became apparent that it was time for him to create his own website.

This was the inception of UnbearableGeoff.com in September 2019, starting with the official publication of the very first Trip Advisor review – The Absolute Bear Minimum.

The concept of this website came from a passion project involving a love for writing, an enthusiasm for a variety of different topics, and a quest for humour. No offence would be meant by any part of Geoff Presley’s works, and everything is done with the best of intentions, even if things have been known to push boundaries and play devil’s advocate with some of the more sensitive matters in 21st century life.

Hated, adored, never ignored

As an example of how this can be taken the wrong way, Geoff’s own Trip Advisor account is often empty due to the editors removing his posts as a way of indicating that they’re too humorous, outlandish or critical compared to the site’s usual standards.

That being said, every trip to a recognised location – and in the many to god-knows-where – will be fed through Trip Advisor as a way of staying fair to the original aim of the first posts made in 2014.

It’s also often the case that by doing this, a lot of interesting replies and comments will be made on the Trip Advisor posts, significantly enhancing them, and giving Geoff more to work with when it comes to writing them up for his own website.

Not only is the Unbearable Geoff website based around the often overlooked concept of being nothing more than a passion project, but it’s also something that’s possible to build on into future years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and yes, even seconds.

Compliments, complaints and comments welcome

There could be many reasons to get in touch with Geoff personally. You might want to ask him for advice on a serious matter, you might want him to review somewhere or something specific, you might have an idea for an interesting investigation, campaign or opinion piece for him to work on, you might want him to contact a person or company via email or post, or you might just want to speak to him directly.

For any of these reasons and more, please refer to the Contact Geoff page, where every way of talking to the man himself is clearly specified.