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Welcome to Unbearable Geoff

Conceived through the concerning combination of dark humour and pure, unadulterated rage, Unbearable Geoff battles modern stresses and concepts, with the hope of snatching a few cheap laughs along the way.

Whether it’s a frustrated opinion piece with a peculiar take on something previously menial, a review of a television show with a peculiar ulterior motive, or a letter to someone offering a service where things go from bad to worse in what seems like every single reply, you’re certain to find it here.

What is Unbearable Geoff?

From his very earliest memory, Geoff Presley has loved to write. It could be an inadvertently aggressive email to a tree surgeon, an immensely harsh review of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, a questionable review of the Runcorn Holiday Inn or a variety of intentionally edgy tweets via Twitter (@UnbearableGeoff), he will do anything to keep his fingers typing on the nearest keyboard, even if it’s not plugged in to anything.

Although he can often come across as being frustrated, assertive, volatile and easily agitated, don’t mistake Geoff Presley for being a sexist, racist, misogynist or anything else that could imply hate directed at any section of society. Geoff is unbearable but he is not despicable, unpleasant and he certainly isn’t a bigot, if he does say so himself.

After reading about Geoff, you might think that he is a unique member of society – and he certainly wouldn’t make you think otherwise – but he is just like you and me, depending on who you and me are. He is every fan of The Killers that lost faith in the band after Brandon Flowers’ flop of a solo career. He is every neutral football fan that cheered on from the background as Ciro Immobile finally hit his peak at Lazio despite flopping as Robert Lewandowski’s replacement at Borussia Dortmund. He is every foodie that screams ‘no!’ in the face of anyone that dismisses a Five Guys burger as being nothing more than an overpriced Burger King.

He doesn’t say things to upset or embarrass anyone, but he says it as it is and stands his ground even when most people might disagree with him profusely. That’s not to say he won’t make mistakes or push boundaries, but isn’t that what life is all about?

The inception of Unbearable Geoff

Created in September 2019 due to popular demand, Geoff Presley previously presented his work through holiday review websites and miscellaneous forums, sharing the results of his work with close friends and the vast community of weirdos integrated within the worldwide web.

Many would await another interesting insight from the man himself, ranging from reviews that were hard to believe or film reviews that took a viewpoint that was previously unforeseen or simply too outrageous to put into words.

By forming, Geoff was able to present his thoughts to the world through a single portal,  leaving no need for any regular visitors to trail through various review websites and his twitter account in order to see his latest thoughts.

The Geoff Presley disclaimer

Geoff is massively opinionated and he proudly voices his opinion on the massive platform that is the internet. Don’t mistake his often forceful approach for someone who won’t accept the opinions of others though. If someone comments negatively towards him on a comment below a blog post or in response to one of his tweets or Facebook posts, it will not be deleted.

Free speech is something that should be celebrated. That being said, it’s also fair to say that any horrendous views from people with a disgusting view of the world will get a run for their money from Geoff. He won’t silence his own voice, just as he won’t silence others, and just as he won’t refuse to lay in to someone if they decide to come out with something utterly vile and medieval.

Get in touch

It would be wrong to say that Unbearable Geoff is anything close to a one-man show, so if you want to provide your thoughts on content Geoff could produce, you can get in touch with him by using the contact form on this website.

Alternatively, you could choose to tweet to Geoff directly on Twitter at @UnbearableGeoff, message him on Facebook at Unbearable Geoff, or you could email him privately at It’s rare that Geoff wouldn’t reply to a message instantly, and your inquiry could be in relation to absolutely anything, so get in touch!